Arne Blom

Leadership and Team coach, Activate Asia Ltd.

Coaching, Behavioral skills
Team Building, Team Building

Arne Blom


We often think behaviours cannot be changed, and that's not true.  We also often believe that there is a limit to what we can achieve, and that is not the case...   If you want to discover how far you can go, jump on a free discovery call!

I am a certified leadership and team coach with the International Coaching Federation.  After an international career in the beauty industry, covering FMCG, pharma, and premium markets, I currently live in Thailand.  This is the 9th country I live in, and I speak 4 languages fluently.  I use specific tools for coaching leaders and teams in Asia, drawing from my coaching education in Hong Kong and the UK as well as an international career as a General Manager and as a VP in Asia.  My clients are managers and teams in leadership positions that want support to transform and thrive!