Leong Mei Yoke

Multitalented & Multilingual Emcee, Myle Enterprises

Public Speaking, Art and Culture
Inspiring Women, Inspiring Women

Leong Mei Yoke


Emcee M.Y. is a seasoned speaker with a diverse background. From lecturing to choreographing dances and winning beauty pageants, she's a multi-talented individual. With experience in the corporate sector and exposure to different cultures, she's comfortable addressing diverse audiences. After rediscovering her passion for emceeing in 2011, she's returned to the creative arts scene. Alongside emceeing, she engages in dance performances, modeling, and acting. She's also revived her photography and videography hobbies. Whether it's formal events overseas or weddings and charity functions in Malaysia, Emcee M.Y. brings energy and professionalism. Let her expertise elevate your event, ensuring smooth program flow and engaging interactions with guests.

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